Lashes on the move

The eyelash shop is closing soon but you will still be able to get your lashes. We are transferring all sales to our main shop, The prices are the same. The service is the same and you can buy other types of makeup in the same store. Any of these links will take you to the right department at Showmakeup.

fantasy eyelashes

Fantasy Eyelashes

Feed your fantasy with these fantastic lashes in brilliant colours and wild shapes.

feather eyelashes

Feather Eyelashes

Dyed natural feathers make superbly light-weight yet brilliantly coloured eyelashes in a variety of shapes from pseudo-natural to wildly flamboyant.

feather eyelashes

Fashion Eyelashes

Look here for fashion eyelash styles from pretty normal to pretty pretty.

real hair eyelashes

Real Hair Eyelashes

Real hair is ideal for natural looking eyelashes. You can choose styles from the finest delicate lashes to the heavy seduction jobs!

eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Real hair eyelash extensions in black or brown for even more natural looking fuller lashes.

fashion eyelashes

Don't forget the Glue!

5ml ammonia-free eyelash adhesive from Grimas with perfect peel for clean removal.